Bring color and beauty to your front door with brilliant transom windows from Stained Glass Inc. There may be nothing as traditional and charming as stained glass transom windows. Transom windows are so named due to their placement over the transom beam that separates the top of a door from the window directly above it. Stained glass windows for transom windows allow the soothing ambiance of multicolored light to gently penetrate inside through a kaleidoscope of brilliant color. Stained glass transoms were first used in Victorian row houses. They added an ornamental touch to those grand decorative houses.

Reclaimed Windows & Antique Stained Glass

Get the latest news, updates and offers from This Old House to your inbox Divining Uses for Stained Glass Vintage windows can improve the look of your interior, block unsightly views, filter sunlight, and more By Amy R. Hughes of This Old House magazine Photo by Sarah Wilson Photo by Sarah Wilson Most stained-glass windows are composed of small pieces of colored glass and faceted jewels held together by soldered lead rods called cames.

Most kids get their first glimpse of stained glass at a house of worship, but not me. I came downstairs all bleary-eyed one morning to find two foot-tall colored glass mosaics depicting the baby Jesus in our living room.

Find out as much as possible about the history of the windows, including the date of installation, the artist and the originating studio. If church records don’t have that, consult a stained glass .

Click photo to view larger image and other views. A very elegant and impressive large open compote. Compare Click photo to view larger image and other views. This pattern is also known as Daisies in Oval Panels. By United States Glass Co. Compare Mouse over image to zoom. A very lovely pedestal cake plate probably produced in the early s. Antique Ruby Stained glass tumbler.

Antiques Atlas

Clergy Chairs 18th Century Carved Walnut Ecclesiastical Spanish Throne Chair E A spectacular piece of furniture with real presence that would instantly create a sense of drama wherever it was placed. Has traces of old woodworm and has been repaired over the years. Upholstery is in what was once pale blue velvet and is serviceable if slighlty tired. Webbing and springs underneath are solid and if they were going in my Houses of Parliament type hallway, I wouldn’t bother reupholstering them.

These are marvellous examples of top end 19th Century furniture making.

Each of our gorgeous Tiffany style lamps is handcrafted with hand cut stained glasses, and each piece of glass is wrapped around individually by hand using copper foil, then soldered together. The true L.C. Tiffany tradition is followed % in this stunning rendition.

Appearance[ edit ] The normal colour of uranium glass ranges from yellow to green depending on the oxidation state and concentration of the metal ions, although this may be altered by the addition of other elements as glass colorants. Uranium glass also fluoresces bright green under ultraviolet light and can register above background radiation on a sufficiently sensitive Geiger counter , although most pieces of uranium glass are considered to be harmless and only negligibly radioactive.

Specialized collectors still define vaseline glass as transparent or semi-transparent uranium glass in this specific color. Vaseline glass is now used as a synonym for any uranium glass, especially in the United States, but this usage is not universal. The term is sometimes carelessly applied to other types of glass based on certain aspects of their superficial appearance in normal light, regardless of actual uranium content which requires a blacklight test to verify the characteristic green fluorescence.

In the United Kingdom and Australia , the term vaseline glass can be used to refer to any type of translucent glass. Even within the United States, the “vaseline” description is sometimes applied to any type of translucent glass with a greasy surface luster. It is not to be confused with Jadeite. Several other common subtypes of uranium glass have their own nicknames: Burmese glass opaque glass that shades from pink to yellow However, like “vaseline”, the terms “custard” and “jad e ite” are often applied on the basis of superficial appearance rather than uranium content.

Similarly, Depression glass is also a general description for any piece of glassware manufactured during the Great Depression regardless of appearance or formula. Gunther of the University of Oxford in Glass fabrication[ edit ] Uranium glass is used as one of several intermediate glasses in what is known to scientific glass blowers as a ‘graded seal’.

Antique lamp repair

Vaseline Glass — Comparison of Original vs. Reproduction These shoes are and Their full write-ups for each shoe are at the following posts.

A historically important Antique American Figural Stained Glass Window, signed W.J. McPherson, Boston, (?). The panel has been cleaned, re-cemented and in its new frame measures 19 1/2 ” x 27 1/4 ”.. There are a few cracks, in the skirt as well as her left arm and in .

All types of furniture, well worth a visit Contact A B Blackburn Shop and warehouse facilities. Furniture, stained glass windows , architectural items, collectibles and general bric-a-brac. We pride ourselves on the quality of service we offer to our customers. We sell all makes of collectables- wade, cardew etc. Ancient, Roman, medieval, hammered, milled, British, world, gold, silver, copper and bronze coins bought and sold..

Contact Lawrence Chard on Tel Driscolls antiques 25 dale street, todmorden, lancashire, ol14 5px we deal in antique furniture from the 15 centuary to the s. A lot of great collectables. Please feel free to call or email me with any questions or requests and I will be glad to answer them..

Buy Edwardian Antique Stained Glass

A professional appraisal may be required to fully establish the value, but you can follow the same steps an appraiser would to get some idea of their worth. Create a Photographic Record Clear photographs can give you a guide on how to restore or replace windows and help out in the research phase. You may need to compare photos to those in reference books or send them to a glass expert to help identify the value.

Take wide-angle photographs to show the placement of each window within the church. The shots should document each window’s subject, condition, composition and the signature of the artist if there is one.

Treasure: Vintage stained glass testimony to early craftsmen. Old houses can contain unexpected discoveries, like a home in one of Detroit’s older neighborhoods with intricate stained glass.

The panel is set into an American Walnut frame. The actual dimensions of the flag portion are 8″ by 13″. The image on the right shows the same panel resting on the upper part of one of our windows. The panel is sized so that it easily fits as a hanging in front of regular window. It can also be hung in an interior space or against a wall.

The temperature of the firing is such that the stars are a little raised of the blue surface. This adds to their visibility and yield a 3-dimension feel to them. The image below shows the Union as it comes from my kiln. The flag region is constructed using the copper foil method so that the smaller parts show better. The copper foiled flag is then mated with a clear rectangular bevel border using lead came and soldered to an outer zinc came frame.

Finally, the panel is set into an American Walnut frame with a satin finish polyurethane finish applied.

Theater stained glass window info

Download the PDF Figure 1. This door and transom suggest the richness of 19th century leaded glass. Glass is a highly versatile medium. In its molten state, it can be spun, blown, rolled, cast in any shape, and given any color. Once cooled, it can be polished, beveled, chipped, etched, engraved, or painted. Stained and leaded glass can be found throughout America in a dazzling variety of colors, patterns, and textures Figure 1.

Has anyone ever seen a stained / leaded / etched glass window like this? It came from a house built around , but it may have been moved there.

Thank you very much!! Please see next entry. Maryland Glass Corporation, Baltimore, Maryland c. Mosser Glass Company, Cambridge, Ohio to date. Thanks to Ken Previtali for the information on the ginger ale bottle! M inside a diamond, seen on druggist bottles and glass eye wash cups……………. Still in business with offices currently based in Rockaway, New Jersey. Also, confirmed as marked on the bottom of a milkglass cold cream jar, circa s s but this item may or many not have any connection with Maris?

Also, please see next entry. Later known as MetroPak Containers. MetroPak was bought by Ball Corporation in The Jersey City plant was closed on Nov. If you know, email me!

Antique Pressed Glass

A26 Advent calendar with angels decorating an advent wreath. Doors numbered from 1 thru Motif similar to Erika

As the largest stained glass studio in the U.S., we have the experience, the talented artisans and the technical expertise to design and install any type of stained glass panel, including replicas of ancient stained glass and antique stained glass restoration as well.

I SO wish you could all feel this velvet!!! It feels more like Chinchilla than velvet! I would probably wear with a rhinestone buckle belt Very good condition, but not perfect. You will need just a bit of sewing under the Chantilly lace see photos The exterior 2 layers of Chantilly Lace is in great condition!! The only real issue at all with the dress is one small loss of velvet at the hemline see photo You could hem it up but it’s already fairly short, so I might consider adding Chantilly lace trim at the hemline, or satin or velvet ribbon which would lengthen the dress At first glance, you will believe this to be a black velvet coat embroidered with gold lame, but at closer inspection, you will see that this is actually a ‘s gold painted velvet coat!

Fantastic design all over front and back!!


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